Monday, 30 August 2010

Stainforth Foss

Probably my best painting of the course -of Stainforth Foss. I liked the contrast of different edges- of rock, where the water changed direction. I scribbled on the paper with a candle beforehand attempting to capture the movement and used a dry brush afterwards. I feel it does capture the force of the water.

Slightly less successful details from other sketches but I had a joyful time doing them


Julie said...

A lovely sketch Mags.

sandra wyman said...

Tend to agree the first one's the best. Used to take parties of kids to the Dales - the school had a place at Horton opposite the church and every time we went up we walked to Settle, with a picnic lunch at Stainforth: it has never lost its magic despite numerous visits!

And congratulations on your Highly Commended - well deserved. The previous one is a favourite of mine but I like the new one even better. (Hadn't seen the Highly Commended when we spoke at FOQ!)