Sunday, 15 August 2010

Critical Mass -Antony Gormley

On the rooftop of De La Warr Pavilion at Bexhill, we walked among the 60 sculptures by Antony Gormley that make up 'Critical Mass' ( consisting of five casts from 12 moulds of the artist's body) . The artist is quoted as saying "It will be like a sky burial . How these masses act in space is very important"
Individually some of the sculptures were very powerful and it felt like there was an interaction between them and the space (for instance looking out to sea)
However they were quite regularly spaced almost in a grid and overall the installation for me lacked cohesion and a sense of linkages between them apart from their dimensions

A revisit after a sharp rainstorm did give some sense of vulnerability to the figures and the reflections and puddles gave a visual link to the sea beyond
And I liked the accumulation of water that had resulted in rusty crevices.
I'm going to print some of theses figures onto indigo and see what they look like.

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