Monday, 20 December 2010

A Pair of Gloves

When we out at the Farmers Market on Saturday, I managed to lose one of my red gloves (only had them a couple of weeks). Ian said he'd treat me to a new pair from BHS which was nearby  and as they didn't have any red ones left, chose a nice purple pair. Only to find when  I put them on later on that the 'pair' consisted of 2 left hand ones!! Still looking on the bright side , I could have ended up with 3 right hands. I often used to wear odd earrings so wearing odd gloves won't be too much of a departure and at least they're the same style. The bonus is I'll be able to distinguish left from right, something I've very bad at. Blame being near ambidextrous -they said so on R4 so must be true!


Susan Briscoe said...

Differently coloured gloves sounds very 'you' anyway.

Interesting point about mixing up left & right if you are very ambidextrous. I am and I'm always mixing up left & right - probably one reason I do not like foundation pieced patchwork with complicated designs. Where was it mentioned?

Linda said...

Don't waste these gloves on the cold weather - they are my number one tool when it comes to machine quilting!! Far superior to gardening gloves or the oh so expensive quilting equivalent.

But I'm with you, I buy multiple pairs of coloured socks, just so that I can enjoy the serendipity of what comes out of the drawer. Today's 'pair' happen to be one orange and one blue!

Alison said...

The director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney always wears odd coloured socks and now they sell odd 'pairs' in the Gallery shop! Happy Christmas sewing. I have enjoyed your blog over the year.