Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Syrian Scarf

 Freezing temperatures have given me the opportunity to wear my favourite scarf : an antique  silk twill bathsheet/large scarf I bought in a Aleppo (Syria), Christmas 2004 . I impressed Ian with my bargaining skills while he sipped a glass of tea.
While not as large as my earring hoard , I have a large collection of silk scarves started when I was very small when I had a red silk kerchief with black spots to relieve the itching of a green mohair coat.
But there's something about the three  different strips of woven silk sewn together by hand and the front and back differing in pattern that make it extraordinary and always lifts my spirits. And its' so warm.


fabriquefantastique said...

that shawl is just up my line

Olga said...

Coincidence! My accessory collections also consist of scarves and earrings! I also have a much loved silk hammam sheet which belonged to my grandmother from when she lived in Trepizond.

Bonnie Hull said...

All those scarves look like silk puppies...and you don't have to feed them!