Monday 27 December 2010

Scrap Journal Quilts

By the skin of my teeth (what a strange expression!) I managed to finish my 2010 Journal Quilts before the deadline! I'd made 2 scrap quilts from tiny 'crumbs' of fabric leftover from various projects (mainly the Tunisian Door) and quilted one by machine and one by hand with quite different effects. I like the density of the machine quilted one - it really adds texture and enjoyed the process of hand quilting even if it did take much longer.  While in theory can fit hand stitching in an odd half hour, it doesn't work out like that but had a good session today watching the Incredibles and Upstairs Downstairs ( I'm sure the Marsala helped - left over from the Tiramisu)
Wonder what next years Journal Quilt Challenge will be - been making them since 2003, sometimes 2 sets per year so next year will be my 11th set for 2011!!

1 comment:

Sue said...

Well done for getting them finished. I like the hand quilted one better I think - for no logical reason! Happy 2011.