Sunday, 24 April 2011

Kalo Pascha

 Happy Easter! We're looking forward to some lamb later ( Ian has pink fingers from peeling a red-dyed egg for breakfast!) Woken up at midnight with lots of firecrackers and fireworks and bells ringing to announce'Christos anesti'.Still ots of firecrackers going off - I remember that from Nauplia.  On Good Friday,seeing the processions of the Epitafios (biers) from many churches converging on the main square was both solemn and uplifting. From our balcony we could catch glimpses of lines of candles in the darkness  with snatches of singing and brass bands.
 The local wine takes a bit of getting used to - it's brown sherry like rather than red  but works well with the food. We've had a lot of little doughnuts in honey for pudding . Seen lots of beehives  both square and in doorways. Not too many crumbly doors yet but I have hopes for Chania

Making cheese pies at the Taverna Odyseus in Polyrhinia last night

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