Sunday 22 January 2012

Help from the Quilt Doctors

Yesterday  the focus of  Thames Valley Contemporary Textile group meeting was ourselves - a chance to find out  more about the  work that members produce.
Time to sit and sew but mainly to show and share some wonderful varied textiles and techniques.
In the afternoon there was the opportunity to 'see the quilt doctor' to discuss work that was a bit stuck.
I'd took my 'red stick' piece along as I'd started to place pieces of fabric  and was happy with some areas but it still needed a lot of work.
I got such a lot of help and the 8 or so (!) people involved seemed to enjoy the  process too.
Taking bits off;hunting for new bits in the fabrics I'd taken along; holding it up in different orientations; debating the composition (some disagreements about where the reds should go); shifting all the pieces at the right hand  6 inches to the left (that made all the difference). There was a real buzz  as it started to come together. Still needs to marinade  on the design wall for a while and a bit of tweaking is required but major progress was made
Should do this more often , although I think it helps that I was  open to suggestions and happy to wield my scissors!  

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jude said...

this is beautiful