Sunday, 29 January 2012

New Direction Samples

Remember the new (or rather recycled ) piece I started  to meet submission deadlines when I forgot to read the rules? I cut a section off this old quilt of mine from the 1990's 'Which Way Now?'

I applied gesso (above) and then acrylic paint (below) to some samples. Inspired by Gerhard Richter I even used a squigee to move the paint around. Originally I thought of painting the whole thing white and having a simgle painted red arrow ,'New Direction'. Now I've gessoed the whole thing and am summoning up the courage to just paint and see  how it develops, covering some arrows over, emphasising others.

Not this weekend though - been  getting up to date with washing after delivery of a new machine (the old one ground to a halt 2 weeks ago) and sorting out packing for a few days in Weymouth . The owner has just emailed to say it's very cold but we'd already seen the forecast and packed thermals and hot water bottles. Looking forward to some brisk walks and cosy pub lunches. 

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