Sunday, 11 March 2012

Landmarks - construction and deconstruction

Ian was helping out at his parents this weekend clearing out their garage so made the most of some un-interupted creative time - sewing away and then  realising it was 2.30 and better have some lunch!
Two more red  boat journal boats constructed  (the top one with some gorgeous hand dyed fabric from Jo Lovelock - I'd rather buy than dye so will definately be using her services again)

Much time was spent on  taking all the elements of this indigo sea piece and rearranging them ( and having to do some emergency surgery on my polystyrene design 'wall'  with liberal applications of duck tape.)  Still some way to go, trying to work out the best use of particular marks. I definately need to replenish my indigo stash. 
After some insightful comments on my work from Sue this morning we went off to Landmark Contemporary Textile Fair ( excellent carrot cake!) and I bought another couple of pieces by Gill Banks in her 'watermarks' series.  They're made of antique French linens and backed with felt rather than canvas or foam board, so much nicer than being behind glass.
I love buying other artists work! Thanks Ian for by birthday money in advance.


reensstitcher said...

I do like your indigo pieces but I know what you mean about the stash of indigo running low. I mean to dye some when the weather gets warmer - bought the 'kit' last year but haven't used it yet. And thanks for the link to Gill Banks. I have been tearing up red fabric today (guess why!) and it is very interesting to see how she uses linen.

Margaret Cooter said...

Thanks for the link to Gill Banks - seeing her work has started a whole new train of thought. It also reminded me of some "dark" pieces at Designer Craftsmen show last year (or was it the year before) - I wonder if they were hers....