Saturday, 17 March 2012

Red Boat Journal Quilts

Finished quilting and binding my red series of boats for first 4 months of CQ Journal Quilt Challenge - Jan to April below,  bonus above.  Rather than being pieced , the 'bonus' is a digital print on fabric of a photoshop altered watercolour and as it is  a bit smaller than A4 proved a useful sample for Margaret's Narrow Binding technique. By the time I did the 5th I was  getting the hang of it - saves so much time to do the whole thing by machine. I'll stick to facing for larger pieces but rather like the red 'frame' and will do something similar when I move onto yellow boats and blue boats in the months ahead.
The bonus sample already  has a potential home- Ian pounced on it for his office when the last stitch had barely been put in.  


sandra wyman said...

Love them - especially the bonus sample - that man has always had good taste!

Peneller said...

These are great Mags.

Sandra said...

I love your series!