Monday, 23 April 2012

Budapest Natural History Museum

Just back from a bryophyte conservation conference in Budapest, hosted by the Hungarian Natural history Museum. The roof of the entrance is amazing, taking as it's inspiration the huge skeleton of a whale that is suspended beneath.
Other displays were equally imaginative -  showcasing biodiversity in a replica of the ark (entering up a ramp alongside pairs of stuffed animals!) Good to see mosses nicely displayed too!
During the lectures, I was rather taken with the movable screens/ dividers suggestive of landscapes/rock forms. I thought at first they were painted but actually they were a knitted fabric ( and fabric of a similar design but on a smaller scale was used to upholster the chairs)
The 'gala dinner' also took place in the museum  in the evening- excellent food, and wine supplied  by colleagues from Eger ,( slightly sore head the following day from too much 'Bulls Blood'). I was in Eger for a conservation conference 6 years ago which included a wine tasting so it was good to  requaint myself with 'little princess' - the only white wine (apart from cava) that I like .

A dizzying display of dancing too, lots of swirling , stamping and slapping of boots.  I did shoot some viedeo clips - will replace this photo with one when I work out how....)

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