Tuesday 24 April 2012

Distressed Doors - Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Thread and Surface.

 I signed up for the 'Sketchbook Project Limited Edition' a long time ago ( how could I resist the 'Thread and Surface' theme! ) but as usual am only just going to make the deadline of 30 April!
 It was the same Sketchbook as for the Sketchbook 2012 project but I used a rather different approach, constructing complete sheets first ( front and back of same sheet illustrated here) and then  sewing them together into  a book.
Taking 'distressed doors' as my title, it was constructed from used 'colour catchers', treated with either inkaid or Golden Digital Ground and inkjet printed photos. I joined them together with connecting strips of  non-printed colour catchers uisng zig-zag and then stitched them by machine using Madeira Polyneon thread. A different effect to hand stitching paper but still effective.
 I scanned in all the sheets before I sewed the book together so if I wished I could construct a replica - of all the sketchbooks so far this is my favourite. I've also got a few spare sheets that didn't make the final  version. I love the backs almost more than the fronts  and I like how different it looks when bound - unexpected juxtapositions of shapes and colour.

I used this image for my 'textile news' small format quilt ( and it features as 'October' in the Bernina Calendar but it looks quite different in this context.
I might construct another sketchbook on a different theme - this exercise has made no impression on my colour catcher stash!!


Sandra said...

You're right: I love the backs more than the fronts as well. They look exciting.
Finally blogging again so I can pass your liebster award!

Margaret Cooter said...

The backs complement the fronts in a rather mysterious way. I think there's a sort of "erasure" going on when you see the back, as well as a mirroring of what you've just seen in the "complete" version.