Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Traditions

I'm feeling rather smug about how my summer pudding turned out - not only did it come out of the bowl neatly and in one piece but it's delicious! We're thinking of  making it an Easter tradition ( along with the ritual slaughter of chocolate bunnies  seen here blending in with the ornaments, thinking we won't notice them!) 

We  don't have such a good track record with Good Friday's - a couple of years ago it was the rat in the conservatory , this year it was a plumbing emergency. I was changing the cistern inlet in the toilet when Ian reported water coming through the ceiling below! Luckily  I found a plumber very locally who was able to come out in minutes. It was just as well - it turned out that the  existing inlet had the wrong kind of valve in it (for mains not gravity fed) and that the  stopcock didn't actually work! He also showed us how to switch off the water outside the property.

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