Monday, 25 June 2012

A Modest Haul

Well I didn't succumb too much to additional temptations at Sandown. Besides the portable daylight lamp ( left) I also bought a 5x magnifier for work (illustrated here but bought for half the price) . Ian bought me more indigo shibori from Changs (I've used up most of what I have already) and some 'mystique' cotton perle in sand colours from Out of Africa . Also in sand colours were some cheap FQ's of Egyptian hand dyed cotton which I will probably overdye with indigo and  a couple of small pieces from Alter Ego  a bit  more expensive, but worth it for the wonderful marks. It was  very nice to meet Jo at last!  Caught up with Susan Briscoe and it was wonderful to see quilts by Reiko Damon and Peaceful Hearts Quilt Group from Yuzamachi, reminding me of my trip there
Only took a few a few minutes to pick up my quilt - it was pretty efficient. As we'd just missed a train from Esher we had a beer at Cafe Rouge and mulled over our day. Nice little show with some interesting  work on display - I took some photos for my own reference but not allowed to put them on the web. It was good to see this isssue highlighted in the showguide and at various points around the show.
It's been off my radar for a while but I'm already thinking of entering  next year, it's good to support a local quilt show.

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