Friday, 15 June 2012

The shapes between branches

Seeing  the sparse drawings that David Nash has made of  the bare bones of cork trees  sent me looking through old watercolour sketches. I've always been interested in the shapes between the branches, the negative spaces, from Majorca  to Malham via Nettlecombe.  


Margaret Cooter said...

"The grey one" has a feeling of Winifred Nicholson about it, somehow; yet when I went to look at her images, there wasn't a particular one that "fit". Perhaps it was "Nicholson meets Ivon Hitchins" - ?

Margaret Cooter said...

Sorry, that's Ivon HitchEns - I got overexcited at seeing so many of his images at once, and the lovely greys he uses!

Foxglove Lane said...

These are beautiful, thank you:~)