Saturday, 23 June 2012

Procrastinating or Thinking ?

I'm in my studio trying to  make decisions.
Ian and I went to the RA Summer Exhibition yesterday evening and I usually leave it a few days before I blog about it, to research some of the names new to me and to  see which pieces  still hold my interest. Lots I liked, nothing that I really loved.

Then I'm deciding what to take on Summer School untutored session next weekend or rather what I should be concentrating on stitching this week.  I've got 2 pieces for which the above are the sample journal quilts - the  wave quilt is nearly finished, the red flotsam piece not!  Like starting a book before you go on holiday, I'll probably  start  stitching the latter  so I know where I'm going with it. Or Not!Then there's my sketching supplies to sort out.

Meanwhile I'm preparing my shopping list for tomorrow when Ian and I go to Sandown Quilt Show. A travel daylight lamp (essential kit for retreats where not sure of good light) and some threads?

Maybe I'll do the ironing while I cogitate.


Marijke said...

What was Sandown like?
Have you sewn my coat Critter's after Party?

magsramsay said...

I did - it was very colourful!