Friday, 12 October 2012

Colourful Friday:Pink Clouds to Rainbows

 We've not had great weather in Weymouth this week -  mainly grey with lots of  wind and rain but it's not lessened our enjoyment of revisiting sights, sounds and tastes. Yesterday we gave up on the idea of a walk on Portland and went to Dorchester instead - excellent museum where I discovered work of George Dannatt  and wonderful homecooked food and real ales at the Blue Raddle.
But look what we woke up to this morning - clear sky with pink edged clouds!
The good weather lasted until we were caught in a hail shower after leaving Weymouth Pavilion heading  for the Cove House Inn at the end of Chesil Beach. Didn't last long, the sun was soon out again but there were dramatic cloudscapes
 Couldn't have looked so different looking North (above) and South (below)!!

 We strolled back over the causeway to Ferrybridge, stopping off in the newly re-opened Visitor Centre ( with new bridge, saving erosion of the saltmarshes  ), watching a Little Egret stalking  and a kestrel hovering just above us.  Again the weather changed dramatically changing the Fleet to pewter

 I was just taking photos of these red boats and trying to capture the flight of the parasurfers that we've been watching from the cottage when the heavens opened.
 But as it was still sunny, there was a glorious full double rainbow that lasted all the way home.

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