Saturday 27 October 2012

Indigo Gloat Part 2 -Stitched

Up until now I haven't had a great deal of success with stitched shibori - I  can't seem to pull it tight enough and have been rather underwhelmed by the results.  So I was pleased with the double stitched leaves above (front and back) especially as they were quickly done.
But I was thrilled to finally crack mokume, at least  on  fine lawn (above) - the one below on silk poplin  didn't work quite as well but I enjoyed the time spent stitching in good  company  with a glass of wine.
Jury is still out on whether it's worth all the effort when can get effects like this just rolling fabric around a piece of string and scrunching it up! But I've got all winter to prepare for my proposed garden indigo vat next summer .


Linda B. said...

These pieces are just gorgeous - gloating allowed!

Nina Marie said...

where do you get the fine lawn to do this? I've been sewing my liberties lately - for the first time instead of hoarding them LOL - and they've captured my attention. These are wonderful!

Uta Lenk said...

Wonderful results! I envy you, because mine haven't turned out really convincing so far. Good job.

Wendy said...

I use two strands of nylon thread to sitch, then pull tight and tie the two ends into a double knot. Works for me :)