Friday 17 May 2013

A productive afternoon

 I took the afternoon off today to make the most of  the weekend while Ian is at his parents to get 2 pieces of work underway for  Festival of Quilts. I concentrated today on my entry for CQ challenge
 ' Horizons' ( 50 x 150cm).   My aim was to create the background on the old red quilt I used for 'red flotsam'  to use some of the results of my screenprinting experiments from a few years ago.
 I became quite an expert on ripping 2 inch masking tape into raggy strips!
 Sample after first lot of  masking tape and painting with blue and red acrylic paints.
2nd lot of making tape applied then 'unbleached titanium' acrylic paint.

Tape removed
 Reasonably pleased with the first half  of the full size piece. Maybe a bit too regular , I'll  try to create more variety for the second half.  Loved the mass of coloured making tape I peeled off!

While I'm waiting for the paint to dry, time for a final play with my 'half way between ' indigo piece  - need to finalise the size by the end of May if I want to enter it in FoQ! Off to bed for an early start  tomorrow!


Julie said...

Exciting work Mags. I am working with printing too and am similarly challenged to commit to a size for the main FOQ entry.

Sandra Wyman said...

Love these pieces Mags. Must admit I'm addicted to torn masking tape - but for FOQ and Horizons it'll be layered organzas and suchlike for me...

jude said...

i love the liquidity here