Saturday, 11 May 2013

TVCT Meeting - Afghan Embroideries and Halfway Between

An interesting session at Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles today - a talk from Maike Laurensen about an initiative providing self help to Afghan women through sale of small embroidered squares ( and examples of how they'd been incorporated into larger textile pieces by European artists) . I couldn't resist the multi-coloured fat tailed sheep  and the subtle pear incorporating  stitching most commonly used in the eye veil section of  a burqa.  More about the project here.

Then in the afternoon, lively debates and discussions about our forthcoming exhibition ' Halfway Between'. Besides my 2 green door pieces, I've been working on scaling up my Journal quilt pieces to an indigo shore transition piece. Still a long way to go moving bits around. but I'm beginning to see the way forward in how different sections interact. I had a massive session of preparing fabrics with Bubble JetSet  both to print copies of my indigo shibori and photos of sand ripples manipulated  to look like indigo. It's  not really cheating....

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