Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bank Holiday Tree felling


A productive bank holiday weekend - some creative work, a visit to  the Ice Age at  British Museum followed by an excellent meal at Savoir Faire and some lumberjack activities removing the bay tree ( pictures after and before above). It's got way too big and dominates the garden, shading my herb garden and beyond my capabilities of pruning to get it into shape. The fig we planted needs more room now too.  We'd had quotes for taking it down but eying it up during our first outside lunch of the year  we thought we'd give it a go taking it down ourselves 

 We  were so keen to get started that I'd already removed several branches , working from below, before we thought to get the camera!
 With sturdy loppers and increasing size of ladders finally got the top branches down

 Then Ian took over sawing through the thicker branches
We called it a day when it was down to a tall stump and  having not yet stocked up on tonic and ice, celebrated with a rose spritzer with frozen raspberries.  Very satisfying!


Peneller said...

Love the hard hats Mags! Having some experience of standing under the branch I'm sawing off and thinking, whoops, as it fell, you did right to wear them!

Sandy said...

Did you save some leaves to dry in the airing cupboard? Our bay is right by the back door. I pop out in all weathers to pick 3 leaves! great in stew, spaghetti and what ever else I am cooking a long time.
When Jim prunes it, I collect and dry some of the leaves from pruning.

Susan Briscoe said...

Aw - Glyn wanted the trunk when we started reading this, but it got chopped! He's after a nice trunk for the corner of our back porch. Well done on getting the tree down.