Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Drawing Tuesday: Museum of London Docklands

 I haven't been able to  join the 'Drawing Tuesday'  group  for a long time( not since the end of May in M's 'Domestic Museum') so it was lovely to catch up with some members at Docklands Museum.
And I haven't been there  since  2003 when I met  Ian's dad for the first time! Photos from that time below.

  There's been a few changes in that time  but the cranes outside are still there!

I spent a fascinating hour looking round, there's so much of interest.  For drawing purposes  however, a lot of the galleries are  too dark even if the lighting gives strong shadows. I loved the shadows cast by the tools in the forge and the  telescopic  paper model of the Thames  Tunnel.  

  I settled for tools which were in brightly lit cases - initially looking at those for ship building ( my grandfather worked as a pattern maker on the Glasgow shipyards and I still have some of his tools)  but then was attracted by the interesting  shapes of the dock hooks  etc in the 'warehouse of the world' gallery.

 Afterwards in the  café, how could I resist a pirates brownie to go with my coffee!
  Went on an adventure afterwards with Janet and Margaret  with amazing views  of the Thames .

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Kathleen Loomis said...

we had a wonderful visit to the Docklands Museum two years ago -- what a great place!! wish I could have been there with you to draw