Saturday, 27 August 2016

Etel Adnan: the weight of the world

Last Sunday we  finally made it to one of the Proms that we booked earlier in the year -  because of Ian's surgery we missed 2 and Hampton Court flower Show . We had a voucher for ASK so went early and them wandered around Hyde Park afterwards, visiting the Serpentine Sackler gallery to see the exhibition by Etel Adnan.  
  I particularly liked her earlier work where the texture of the paint and the brush strokes are more evident

 Her artists books ( mainly concertina format ) were interesting with different views evident depending on what side you looked at them

 There were several tapestries on display  where the woven texture created a different kind of mark

 The Tuesday drawing group had visited the gallery a little while ago  -  I can see why these deceptively simple  colour studies of circles and other shapes inspired Margaret.  

  It made me pay more attention to the  structures in the Albert Hall !  Will probably  revisit the  exhibition  when we have our final Prom visit on the 4th  September ( Simon Bolivar Orchestra!)   but we might be slightly sore of head as we're intending to go to Faversham's 'Hop Festival'  on  Saturday.

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