Thursday, 4 August 2016

Journal Quilt Update

 I  like my Journal Quilts to reference  what I've been up to : classes I've taken or places I've been.
So June's  JQ  above is  based around techniques  learnt  on CQ Summer School with a combination of photos printed on silk ( lighter colour)  and on black t shirt transfer paper ( more intense colour)
July's JQ  is based on 'Reading a Paint Surface' course at City lit , with  photos of final piece printed on cotton.  I've got several of these fabric studies  on the design wall , mulling over ideas.

A journal quilt of sorts ( it's 12  x 12 inches), this is my contribution to the SAQA Benefit Auction. All are now listed on the site, such a variety, and I'm currently thinking about choosing 6  for my ' dream collection' . It's very gratifying to see my piece  included in a couple already!
 Ian is on the mend and I've set up my sewing machines and  fabric is strewn around my studio composing  a quilt on the theme 'green ' for International Threads. About time too! Looking forward to FoQ next week!!!

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Els said...

Lovely journal quilts
Abstract (though I seem to see boats in it ...)