Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Vital Spark - Sketchbook Project 18

With my studio out of action for more than 4 weeks while redecoration and refurbishment of our bedroom was going on ( I slept on a mattress  there!) , my creative project  was finishing ( ok starting)  my submission to sketchbook project 2018  with deadline  looming. I've  taken place in 4 previous challenges , 2 digitised  here and here.  It was brilliant seeing the sketchbooks in the flesh when they came to London. 
I'm thinking about having Sketchbook Project 13  and 'Special Edition' digitised.

I based it on the artists book I produced during Contemporary Drawing Sketchbook course based on electricity exhibition at the Wellcome Collection . I made the same concertina with pamphlet structure but attached to the cover through one of the pamphlets. 

The work was carried out at the kitchen table and what took the most time was imitating the  woodcut that inspired it , drawing on  7 x 20" watercolour paper strip  with a 0.1 Unipen!  My wrist is still recovering from all those lines but it worth it for the effect it produced. 

The other side with repetition of the phrase ' the elusive moment of the vital spark' was less strenuous! 

The pamphlets are a mixture of paper and stitched fabrics and as with the previous book, turning the pages gives a multitude of different combinations. It'll be interesting to see how they digitise it. It was posted 2 days before the deadline! 


Sandy said...

This is absolutely lovely. I wish there would be a chance to see it here in the UK.

The Idaho Beauty said...

This is so fascinating. Job well done!

Els said...

WOW !!! a gorgeous booklet !!!