Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Large Scale Sketchbook: Week 2

 Week 2 of 'Large Scale Sketchbook' started with the usual miscellaneous collection of still life objects, but rather than charcoal we were using pencil, encouraged to think about how we held it and the marks made 

 It's very difficult to get an accurate drawing  when you're working on such a large scale , particularly as we were seated around the table and unable to step back and assess. Still the ghostly marks left from many erasures adds to the surface.
 As in the previous week we added weak ink washes on the  darkest areas . We were then asked to choose our favourite 2 areas and these were photocopied .

Then in the last half hour or so the fun began - combining the photocopies  with the original drawings, cutting out, mixing up, creating repeats of patterns with different qualities. 

 As  I'd chosen 2  areas on the same page to photocopy, my copies were all quite similar  so some drastic cutting through of pages was required to create some interest and contrast.

 But then I rather liked the sense of space that  resulted, it's  easy to  build up more and more textures and marks, removing and taking away is just as important.

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