Monday, 25 June 2018

Large Scale Sketchbook Week 7: Adding detail and more cutting

 The first half of  last weeks 'Large Scale Sketchbook' was spent looking at each others  sketchbooks so far. While it took longer than anticipated to go round everybody, it was such a valuable exercise  not only  to look at the very varied work, hear about their inspiration  but also to receive feedback about progress so far and what to do next. 
Some of the approaches  taken or suggested  included:
- leaving more space ( small items on a page) 
- cutting through several pages 
- contrast of large scale dark areas with detailed drawings
- repetition of shapes ( on 1 page and over several pages)
- drawing/ working  from toy figures (or jelly babies!) as alternatives to sculptural figures
- adding colour: in paint and acetate  

 While I was mulling over what to do, I took a page out the back of the sketchbook and did a 'frottage' rubbing of the collaged 'figure' on the righthand side of spread above from the previous week , then inserting the page. It looks even more mournful than the original!
Having given Tony photos of the details I'd identified I wanted to work with to photocopy,  I pasted some of the resulting photocopies into the book and started cutting through the pages. 
 The photo below is the page beneath the page shown above
 The shape I used to cut through several pages was the sculpture of Madonna and Child.

 I then  outlined the shapes cut out in different ways : with marker pens and fine lines
Several people commented on how dynamic my  sketchbook was. With so many cut-throughs and changes to the pages when sections are flipped over or seen through the holes, it's very difficult to take photos that demonstrate  this.  

Tony had already  suggested filming an animation and this was reinforced by comments from others. That will have to wait until after next week when I finally bring the book home. In the last few minutes  after clearing up, I attempted a few shots  holding pages up to  give a flavour of how that might work.

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