Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Going to Pauline Burbidge Open Studios

Members News in QGBI 'The Quilter"
 While I was up at  Lund Studios,  some of us had a lovely evening meal at the George  with some very interesting discussions. Pauline Burbidge  has exhibited at Lund  Studios and both Gizella  and Debbie Loane  had visited Pauline's open studio events and urged me to  do the same, particularly as Dorothy Caldwell  would be  joining Pauline and Charlie  this year. I've long wanted to go but thought it was too remote  as I don't drive  but they explained it was quite straight forward getting the train to Berwick and then getting a taxi. 

My heart sank when I saw the dates as we've booked for Proms 29 and 30  at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 5 August . But when I received  my copy of 'The Quilter' and saw it started on Friday 3rd, realised it was just about do-able, travelling up on the Thursday and coming back on the Saturday.
So I've booked my train tickets to Berwick-Upon -Tweed  and  a room at No 11B  for 2 nights (  all that  was available  was  a 'family suite'  so there's a couple of spare bunk beds …)

So excited to be going there at last (both Pauline and Dorothy have been hugely influential in the development of  my own work) and  also considering  it as a 'recce' trip for Ian and I to go to Bamburgh  at a later date . I  had several idyllic holidays there as a child ( my aunt lived in Newcastle) and it formed the basis of  my 'Childhood Memories' suitcase quilt.

It's going to be an expensive trip but  what  an  appropriate  way  to  spend some of the money from winning Fine Art Quilt Masters. !!

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