Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Wind Me In The Sea: moving in the breeze

I've been having a photoshoot in the garden of 'Wind Me In the Sea'  before  completing labels etc and posting it off to Heidelberg for the 7th European Quilt Triennial.  It's been a joy to watch it moving in the breeze ( like it did in Weymouth at an earlier stage)  before it's  constrained in the confines of a gallery, saying goodbye to it ( I won't see it again until Festival of Quilts 2019). 
Most of my quilts are about the process: this more than most as it represents a years stitching , mostly on trains using treasured scraps  but I hadn't bargained on it meaning so much to me in its finished state. 

 'A year of stitching in the form of a winding cloth: double-sided, semi-translucent in a continuous loop. Mainly sewn on train journeys with scraps of cloth with meaning to me and patterns inspired by the north Kent coast. My stitching, like my journeys will continue and repeat, even evolve with new routes but ultimately are 'looping' back to well known journeys to familiar and treasured places." 


Judy Martin said...

how beautiful! And congratulations on the quilt trienniale. xo

Sandy said...

This is such a brilliant piece. i love the concept of going full circle. and the draping of the work really brings it to life while letting both sides be viewed.
Well done!