Friday, 19 October 2007

Double Oval - focus on marks

Yet another attempt at interpreting the 'Double Oval'. This time pieced curves of kimono fabric before and after the FoQ shibori dye-bath with indigo fabric for sky. I was attempting to capture the scratches and marks on the bronze scupltures with stitches in variagated cotton perle and metallic thread. I appliqued some bronze lame fabric to give some textural variety - it works better in the flesh than in photos but even so probably better without. I need to work more on the irregularity of my stitches! The next step I think is to concentrate on shapes and stitching directly onto plainish fabric with colour/ metallics paints applied after.

As I left work fairly early, I took more photos in the late afternoon light of some different sculptures, focusing on figures this time.

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