Thursday, 11 October 2007

Double Oval x 4

My first Journal Quilt in a while - I have several on the go at the moment based on the Henry Moore scultures although I'm not sure which will end up as the 'proper' ones.
This one was 4 b&w photos printed on cream linen of 'Double Oval' superimposed with different viewpoints of the same sculpture printed on silk organza. I quilted the outline shapes in both layers but feel overall its too complex , should have concentrated on just a pair of images.
Its been fun though - I've been whirring away on my sewing machine while Ian sleeps off his operation. My few days of being a 'responsible adult' looking after him are coming to an end. As I have a stinking cold, a day in bed is tempting
Hope I can still do the 'Big Draw' at Kew on Saturday, I'm supposed to be helping out with the 'See More' session observing dissected flowers and fruits for a large collaborative drawing.

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