Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Front Room Archeology

The Builders have started! We had a very busy weekend decanting the contents of front reception to rear reception (computers and bookshelves) and front bedroom to rear bedroom ( all my stash , art and sewing equipment) and chopping back plants so the scaffolding can be erected. No sewing for a while - at least by machine.
The decorators arrived at 7.30 ( some early mornings ahead and as I'm not a morning person, making decisions could be a bit painful). When I returned in the evening they'd been very busy removing the dado rail and stripping off the ghastly wallpaper. The effect was of some ancient excavation of frescos - you could see the lines where both the most recent dado rail and the original must have been and scraps of different paints( yellow, turqoise , purple). I quite like the 'distressed' look but Ian was rather depressed by it.

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Sue said...

Wonderful that work has started. You will both feel better when it is transformed. Tell Ian to keep taking the 'medicine'.