Sunday, 11 November 2007

How Shall I Stitch This?

I've been using Photoshop to desaturate some of the photos of 'Large 2 Forms' sculpture and then printing on bubble jetset soaked pieces of indigo fabric with some very interesting effects.
I'm wondering now how to stitch it. I'd initially thought of following the contours of the sculpture but I think it requires a more delicate approach. Maybe seed stitching the background?


Anne Wigfull said...

This is fascinating, I look forward to seeing what you come up with. While I really like the idea of photoprinting and have done quite a bit, often the image seem complete without stitching of any kind and to me, stitching is the best part of the process.

Helen Conway said...

thank you for visiting my blog and commenting becuase now I ahe found yours and your anmazing work. I have only just started playing with photos on fabric and just love the effect you have achieved here. I will be back to read back into your blog later/

Linda said...


I didn't realise that you were on Blogger 'til I saw a comment that you left on Annabel's blog - it's a small world!

Your opportunity to work with the Moore pieces must be wonderful. I'd love to turn this piece into an eyeball! The markings on the iris would make fabulous stitching lines!