Sunday, 25 November 2007

World Record for Lost Earring

Had a busy but productive weekend : visiting the farmers Market ( leg of lamb currently roasting-yum); buying set of 3 phones so we have a chance of answering one before caller rings off ;excellent pork chops at The Fox with Sue and Peter (thanks to Independent Vouchers ) ; ordering a new sofa from Sofa Workshop (Carrie in Cranberry) and cleaning up some of the mess from the builders - painters finished on Friday but still other work to be finished off.
As a treat visited British Crafts show at Chiswick Town Hall , lots of nice things to admire and Ian bought me a lovely pair of earrings from Gilbert Macmanus - reticulated oxidised silver bees with freshwater pearls. Being near the end of the day and probably his last customers we had an interesting conversation about gardens, allotments and composting.
Alas when we got home , there was only 1 earring in the box....... - whether it was left on the stand or lost at the bus stop I don't know.
I shall ring Gilbert tomorrow - I've bought earrings from him before and he was very good at making a replacement set for a pair I lost/was stolen in Greece. I must say I've never lost an earring quite so quickly before!! Ian has said he will pay for a repalcement bee - what an understanding husband I have.

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