Friday, 30 November 2007

Rochester Cathedral Inspiration, update on house and what I received in the post.

While I'm waiting for the electrician I thought I'd show some of the highlights from Rochester Cathedral (for me anyway) when we went a couple of weeks ago to see Cas homes 'Traces' installation. Along with many quilters, I have a fondness for old tiles and made a double sized bed quilt based on medieval tiles from the British Museum. It took me 7 years! Perhaps I'll put a picture of it up for my next post.
The house is gradually coming together - yesterday the carpet-layer and the plumber were in action, today the last of the electrical work. The scaffolding was also removed but as it had to be carried through the house and no dust sheets were available, the carpet is a mess!! Steve the boss came to look at this morning and has agreed to split the cost on cleaning. This weekend will be spent on shifting boxes yet again so that another room can be carpeted and on putting up curtains . An Ikea trip might be in order to buy some blinds.
Gilbert sent me the lost partner of my bee earrings by special delivery - I think he realised soon after I'd left the show as the parcel crossed in the post with my letter, so not lost after all!! In the same post were our passports with visas for Iran. I had to have a photo taken specially for it with a headscarf on (the photo booth kept telling me it wasn't suitable for a passport as hair was covered-I know). It looks even worse as a photocopy in the visa, especially with some strange blue blotches on. Not one to share I think.

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