Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Reclining Figure

This reclining figure was the first of the Henry Moore sculptures to arrive at Kew. It was quite a sight to see it installed and it certainly has an initial impact being placed with the Palm House behind. It doesn't have the same wow factor to me as the bronzes (I love their texture and colour)

I used 'invert' in Photoshop to swap the tones round - it looks more monumental in greys than white but the background isn't so interesting

As a change, for this 'Mini-Moore' I printed on blue grey background and stitched around the shape rather than within - when you see the sculpture you're very aware of the texture of the background as in itself it is so smooth.

The builders are accelerating their pace - Ian and I had to move the furniture from one room to another yesterday evening so they could strip the wallpaper today. Sofa wrestling is not my idea of a fun time

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