Sunday, 7 March 2010

Auditioning Chaos or Glorious Mess

This morning the Garden Gods were finally with us and we got out and did the leaf clearance, vine pruning and putting stuff through the 'chunker' that we'd been intending to do since before Xmas. After our first lunch outside this year, I got back to my studio and was struck how chaotic it looked( you can't see all the stuff on the floor in the picture above) . Obviously I was still in 'tidy' mode but still , surely I hadn't left it in such state after yesterdays' auditioning of fabrics for my Tunisia Door project? Had I? I'm sure many of you are used to the scenario of heaps of fabric everywhere and misplacing the piece you'd rejected a minute ago but now realise is just the the thing. My last few quilts have been near enough wholecloths so there hasn't been the same auditioning frenzy but even so , when did I get so untidy ? Ian says I should be proud of such a glorious mess as it shows creativity!

My last fabric gathering exercise was early last year when I was compiling fabrics for my 'Weir' piece ( still to be quilted) That was a relatively controlled process on a table with rejects going back in a box. Perhaps the new approach is the fault of my design wall!!


JP said...

having got it all out it is very exhausting putting it all away again isn't it?!

The WestCountryBuddha said...

I love playing with stuff and getting it all out on the table, thinking of combinations and rediscovering lost bits and pieces. DH calls in "playing shop". Putting it away afterwards is such a pain!