Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bulla Regia

The sproutings of Spring bulbs reminds me of the irises scattered around the site at Bulla Regia Most of the site is below ground, useful given the squally rains showers we had while we were there. Ian went on the extensive tour including the fantastic mosaics I've already posted.

I concentrated on trying find a sheltered spot to sketch from - the rain obliterated the ones I did of the bathhouse
There were compensations in watching the changing skyscapes and spectacular rainbows.

After giving up the painting as a bad job and going for a coffee, the skies cleared (or so I thought) and I did a quick painting from the car park. The rain reappeared before I could stuff my sketchbook in the pocket of my kagoule but I rather like the speckled effect. Of all the paintings I did in Tunisia it's the one that instantly conjures up the spirit of time and place.


Kathryn Collins said...

Hi, I am a painter in Boston (US). I happened upon your site when I was doing a search for Gillian Ayres paintings. I love your paintings! It is late here and I will have to return to browse when I have more time but I really like what I have seen so far.
Kathryn Collins

JP said...

I just love that painting - clever you