Friday, 26 March 2010

The Yellow Time

An unexpected benefit of coming into work earlier and by a different route than usual (thanks to a very early appointment with the dental hygienist) was seeing all the daffodils in full swing down the Broadwalk . And as it wasn't yet open to the public, it was all mine!! On the whole though, I prefer the more natural planting and colour around the Temple of Aeolus

My favourite of all the spring bulb displays at Kew however is that of the 'Glory of the Snow' Chionodoxa siehei. Apart from the glorious colour, they shimmer in the breeze . Magic!

In our own garden, the Forysthia is flowering fit to bust (it must know it's days are numbered as it's taking over -all that 2 metres of sparse flowering vertical growth is just from last year!)
We won't be lacking in yellow though as we're keeping the 'Jews Mallow' Kerria japonica in front of it which is far less of a bully and a more elegant plant altogether. It's just beginning to 'spurt' into flower.


Anonymous said...

I haven't visited for a while and look what I have missed (stupid me). Love those spring bulbs; and now I must trawl back through your earlier posts and see all that I have missed. A.

neki desu said...

oh so very lucky you, all those beautiful flowers.