Saturday, 22 May 2010

Been A Bit Quiet

The bug I brought back from Malham developed into phyringitis and laryngitis so I've been rather quiet this week apart from a hacking cough and croaky or nonexistent voice. In between snoozes, crunching paracetamol and sucking homemade treacle toffee( only thing that soothes) I've been making some progress on my Tunisian Door quilt.
I'd printed out some photos of door knockers onto fabric but wasn't satisfied how how they blended in with the back ground fabric. Time to crack out the 'inktense ' pencils and try to match the colours/markings of the shibori fabric.

Pleased with the results (top) and the time spent painstakingly glueing the 'nail' patterns on organza with FuseFX - fiddly but it alters the surface of sheers far less than Bondaweb. I used a bit of 'Badger Balm' on my hands while handling it (trick learnt for handling PMC) and that helped a bit.
I'm now auditioning bricks !
My peace was disturbed yesterday by a huge thud on the conservatory roof - a dead pigeon in the gutter. Using rubber gloves I lobbed it over the fence into the unused alley behind our garden but as it was rather a pathetic throw got Ian to apologize next door in case it had landed there. Ed thought it highly amusing but was grateful for the warning . Otherwise the first he might have known about it was Cipher(his dog) bringing him a present in bed.
As Pigeon Tales go, still got a long way to match Tilly the Jack Russell bringing in a pigeon with a bagel round its neck....


The WestCountryBuddha said...

Sorry, but I'm still giggling at the pigeon with a bagel round it's neck. Shouldn't really. Really shouldn't.

lisette said...

these looks fabulous -i love the colours and can't wait to see the final piece.

you were brave hurling that pigeon - i'm not a great fan of pigeons as they are vermin here. i need to know more about the bagelled one though :)

JP said...

this looks really good - sorry you've not been so well

Sandy said...

I laughed out loud. Do tell us about the pigeon with a bagel!
Sandy in Bracknell