Friday, 14 May 2010


A visit from Maggie was the excuse to go and see the bluebells at Kew. We originally met on a trip to Morocco over 20 years ago and haven't seen her since 1999 but we soon caught up ( and she approved of my choice of husband!) Hope I get to see her in Melbourne next year. The bluebells were the best I've seen them, a bit later than normal but worth the wait.

Used the opportunity to take more photos of the patched doors of Queen Charlottes Cottage and the red rhododendrons at the Japanese Gate drew our eyes (as did the peacock sitting amongst the them)
Got a bit chilled looking around the Garden Photography exhibition - will return another time for a closer look, there were some interesting images. If it was this cold in London, I would definately need to pack my hat and gloves for painting course in Yorkshire!


Aussie Jo said...

It's beautiful to see the bluebells and spring flowers as we head into winter here. When are you coming to Melbourne?

neki desu said...

mesmerizing bluebells. we don't get them here, at least in catalunya