Sunday, 16 May 2010

Water in Ink and Watercolour

On Wednesday when the rest of the group went to Arncliffe to paint, feeling rather rough, I retired instead to the birdhide with watercolours, inks and a flask of coffee.
I was entertained by the Coots courting and chasing off Great Crested Grebes but applied myself to trying to capture the solidity of the branches in the water contrasted with their liquid reflections and the constant changes in the direction and colour of the ripples.

Fascinating if frustrating exercise! I took lots of photos so I'm going to try and analyse the colours and shapes in some more watercolour sketches.
I'll be back at Malham in August on a watercolour course( including making our own paints) so good to get some practice in!

1 comment:

bwilliams said...

Very nice! Moving water is the extreme challenge. Your mark making is so expressive and rhythmic, capturing the slow dance of the current, and the colors...perfectly complements to the underscoring brushwork.