Saturday, 15 May 2010

Stick and Ink

After dinner on Tuesday, we set off for the birdhide overlooking Malham Tarn, armed only with ink ( acrylic in my case) hunting for a stick along the way.
I hadn't considered sketching from a hide before but it's very convenient (apart from the insects ) being under cover with a shelf for materials and a seat to prop yourself on( glad I took my Therm-O Rest Cushion though).Katherine suggested using a long strip of paper to draw the panoramic views.

Some areas work better than others
Besides the stick I used a dip pen, a reed pen and a brush, also a water mister. For the water shown below I used a Pentel waterbrush over drawn lines.
Most of my sketching I do with a technical pen such as Profipen 0.5 or PITT artists pens rather than pencil -I'd forgotten the joy of dipping in an ink pot and the variety of line and texture achieved. A technique to explore further - if only I could do it without coating my fingers too.


neki desu said...

all your energy went into creating those scketches! hope you're on the mend

margaret said...

The ink is so dynamic!