Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Extreme Monoprinting?

Olga's post on RA Summer Exhibition reminded me that I was going to write a bit more on the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin.

Part of the fascination of the reconstruction of Francis Bacon's studio was the painstaking and meticilous recording of all the artifacts.
Among the description of his art materials was his use of textiles:

Several pairs of thick corduroy trousers were found in the studio. Many of these were cut up into pieces, which Bacon used to pattern his paintings. The imprint of corduroy is evident in many of his paintings, including Study for Portrait of John Edwards, 1989. Imprints from corduroy are also evident on the door of the Reece Mews studio suggesting that Bacon applied paint to the door, printed the corduroy and then applied it to the canvas. Bacon also used cashmere sweaters ribbed socks and cotton flannels to similar effect. Three towelling dressing gowns were also found in the studio. It is possible that Bacon used these to print onto canvas also.

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neki desu said...

such a contrast, such a beyond chaos studio and his very precisely composed paintings.loved the door!