Friday, 4 June 2010

Paper Lamination Day 1

At the end of day 1 of lamination course at Art Van Go with Sarah Welsby ( which was a joint birthday present from Ian and his parents).
Recipe for an excellent Day:
First arrange Guardian Travel Section newspaper photos and pin layer of organza over top
Apply acrylic matt medium with Thermofax screen
Hang up to dry and admire while enjoy lunch in new garden (turf only laid yesterday)
Iron to fix, soak in water and scrape off newspaper from back
Sour note(there's always one , like wasps at a picnic) - discover 'bargain ' organza wasn't - rips appear and image comes away from fabric.
Leave for distressing/playing with tomorrow and and make fresh sample with door pictures and organza purchased from tutor.
Marinade overnight and return home to dinner in garden followed by Metaxa

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margaret said...

Marinading fabric - what a great idea! Ditto Metaxa in garden...