Monday 7 June 2010

Paper Lamination Part 2

On day 2 of the Paper lamination course, the first thing I did (apart from an excellent coffee at 'Coasters' )was heat set and then soak the piece I'd set up the day before with inkjet papers of doors and good quality polyester sheer. It worked! I actually quite like where I hadn't applied enough Matt medium at the bottom and it tapers off.
Encouraged by this, I did 2 more samples - using newsprint headlines and polyester sheer (above) and lazer printed b&w prints of door with a golden silk and metallic (below) I used the same screen for both of 'seeds' . Pleased with the results.

As my final experiment I used inkjet prints of doors (many heightened using Photoshop) with silk organza - pictured below drying on the line after printed with matt medium using 'wiggly line' Thermofax screen.
Although a lot of the ink washed out ( and delicately stained the organza), I'm thrilled with the results - lots of potential here. Found the screen used was very important as it dictates how much medium is transferred and therefore the proportion of the images kept. Can't be too precious about pictures used as most of it disappears anyway! Unlike screenprinting where I can't face cleaning screens in our miniscule kitchen sink, this technique would work very well at home as using smaller screens and relatively clean matt medium. Sarah Welsby was an excellent teacher and it was worth the class fee just for the tip on using table protector as a printing mat.
Shan't do anything with it for a while though. Spent Sunday quilting brickwork and I'm now entering a busy period at work training technicians and going to a conference in Dublin .
Thanks for all the very helpful comments about exhibiting opportunity. I decided not to exhibit at the moment but will review this later in the year. As the gallery is a brand new one, I'll go and visit it when it does open and see if my work would fit in with the work on display (as it would be part of a general exhibition) The owner is happy to meet me later when the pressure is off a bit to discuss.


Cate Rose said...

They're all wonderful, Mags!

Susan Briscoe said...

Any space to get a sink plumbed into a corner of your workroom? It would be very useful for you. I considered doing that in mine, but I don't really do enough "wet" stuff to justify it at the moment, though it is a possibility sometime later.

A large stainless steel sink & drainer on a 2 x 2 framework base with a shelf or two, though a unit from Ikea would probably be as reasonable these days!