Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Painting Day 1

 A  successful first day painting dramatic seascapes at Slapton with one finished (above) and another requiring major revision!
 Snapping out of the window of the train along the coast from Dawlish set the mood on Monday for some quick sketches on arrival  of the dramatic skies and fields while there was still some sun.
 At Blackpool Sands yesterday where rain stopped play - time for some photos (netbook proving very handy ) but as soon as I  whipped my sketchbook the rains returned. Trying to interpret these curves from memory without those compositional thumbnails on the spot is proving difficult (hence major revisions)
 Today we're off to Prawle Point, my favourite location last year, and tomorrow closer to home around Slapton Ley where I hope to do the fantastic coastal plants justice.

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