Monday, 13 August 2012

Paintings IV: Diversions

Having achieved my best work right at the start and struggling with 2 pieces - laying them aside and coming back to them , ans an interlude I used sketches based on photos to produce  2 more paintings.
The top one was based on dramatic photos in Weymouth. While the colours really were like that, for the sake of unity in the painting, I need  to bring some of the colour of the sea into the sky.
The bottom painting was based on photos of the wonderful coastal plants at Slapton that the centre staff kindly printed out. I was attracted to the complimentary colours and the curves of the shingle but it's ended up rtaher too 'trad' for me , although many others in the group liked it (probably for that reason). I ended up with yellow paint all over my glasses and face while attempting to flick paint on with a palete knife - thank goodness for wet wipes!  

1 comment:

Linda said...

Taste is a funny thing, I can see the colours of Slapton in this second piece but would rather wait until you've worked your own personal take on these colours!
That said you've produced some fantastic work again!