Monday, 27 August 2012

Sand Ripples IV

Finally completed the last of my CQ 'Shades of Yellow' Journal Quilt based on sand ripples. This one took as much stitching as the other 3 put together  but I love the effect. I altered a photo of ripples in photoshop, printed it on organza, cut it into sections and overlaid it on some yellow fabric and then hand stitched with 2 colours of 'House of Embroidery' cotton perle. 

It wasn't conscious but I like the progression across the four, both the connection through the curves and the change from  machine to hand stitch.
I'm returning to my beloved doors for the next four months JQ's  'Shades of Blue' and for my next larger project.


Linda said...

Gorgeous - your stitching brings the ripples alive!

Peneller said...

These are gorgeous Mags.

Margaret Cooter said...

mmm nice, very nice!!

Terri Heal said...

Beautiful work! It makes me itch to get back to Art quilting myself :-)