Monday, 20 March 2017

Contemporary Drawing Sketchbook week 2 : Developing Visual Imagery

 Lesson 2 of Contemporary Drawing Sketchbook course  was   based around opening out personal ideas based  on data collected at Wellcome Collection using a range of improvisatory techniques. We looked at Tom Phillips' s ' A Humument' and William Kentridge Six Drawing lessons ( which I've now ordered! ) .  We had a selection of random pages of text , some photocopied, some ripped out of a book  and looked for words related to our theme  which were circled  then the rest of the page covered and worked on .
I struggled a bit with trying to apply the electric  discharge theme ( above), but  got more on track when returning to theme of handprints and  looking at redacted words as marks

 We then looked at work by Alison Wilding  with ' backgrounds'  painted over drawings.   Working on a larger scale and on decent cartridge paper  rather than photocopies  I had  fun with ink:  a skeletal hand with  a 'fingerprint' wash over the top  and then stencilled hand in graphite with ink wash.

We were shown different booklet folding techniques which I didn't get round to but I've aiming to do something different to the back of these papers and then fold and see what I've got. Not quite the scale of  what I did with broomsticks in Puglia  !

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